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Christmas Trees in Phoenix, AZ

shapeimage_3 We take great care to ensure the trees that reach your home are the freshest they can possibly be. Just one of the ways we do this is by having a steady flow of freshly cut trees delivered to our lots throughout the season directly from our Oregon farm. Our lots do not receive one large shipment of trees at the beginning of the Christmas season, which would allow trees to sit on the lot for many weeks after being cut. Instead, our Christmas trees are delivered several times a week all season long to ensure that our lots our continually replenished with fresh trees that have just been cut from the farm in Oregon.

Our family has been bringing the highest-quality Oregon Christmas Trees to the greater Phoenix area for over 30 years. Special care is taken each year on our farm in Oregon to groom and prepare our trees as they grow into the beautiful Christmas trees that you see on our lots.